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Today, I wanted to share the story behind Veganmadness, a business founded on my deep passion for baking and my desire to share delicious vegan treats with friends and family. As a female business owner, I'm so proud of the company I've created. Although my business journey has come with its fair share of challenges, the reward outweighs them all. Join me as I take you through the origins of Veganmadness, the values that drive me, and the hurdles I've encountered along the way. 

A Childhood of Compassion

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I grew up in a small farming community and witnessed first-hand how brutal the animal farming industry is. Deeply upset by the inhumane treatment, I developed an early appreciation for all living beings. I could not fathom the idea of eating any animal, and I even remember begging my mom for unconventional pets like a pig or monkey. Now, my compassion for living beings is rooted in my business. 

The Baking Traditions

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Baking has always been a cherished activity in my family, and my mother played a significant role in nurturing this passion. I have fond memories of coming home to the aroma of freshly baked goods, especially during the special occasions like the Cookie Exchange. The Cookie Exchange was an event hosted by my mom and her friends in which they would bake and trade treats. During this special time of the year, there was always a sense of anticipation regarding what everyone would contribute. My mom, patient and loving, always invited me to help prepare and bake. I can still remember the specific cookie and bars my mom's friends made, and I was always excited to sample the leftovers. Inspired by these special traditions, I decided to continue the legacy when I moved to Los Angeles, California and started a family of my own. This is where the Bocce Ball was created. The Bocce Ball is a vegan and gluten-free dessert. It was an instantaneous hit, loved first by Cookie Exchange friends and then all friends and family, so I began expanding. 

A Passion Consumed

Baking is my passion, and when my daughters left for college, I saw an opportunity to turn my passion into a full-fledged business to share with the world. Veganmadness became my all-consuming endeavor, akin to the birth of a new child. I was living and breathing my new passion, and I'm still dedicated to making this business the best it can be. With that, running a business does come with challenges, which I've learned to fully embrace. 

New Bocce Ball Flavors

Buoyed by the success of the Original Bocce Ball, I decided to explore new flavors that would satisfy different palates. The Peanut Butter & Jelly flavor was a natural choice, reminiscent of the classic American pairing loved by many. The Caramel Delight flavor, with its blend of peanut butter, caramel, and chocolate, evoked memories of my favorite childhood candy bar. And, to offer a non-peanut butter option, I created the Cookies & Cream flavor.  To compliment these flavors, I also created three Cooky flavors, Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk and Campfire Brownie which were also inspired by my childhood baking memories.  

Navigating Business Challenges

As Veganmadness continued to grow, I encountered various challenges. Maintaining a personal touch while scaling up everything was particularly daunting. Ensuring timely deliveries and meeting customers' expectations while connecting with them personally became increasingly demanding. Additionally, the business side of things felt like a foreign language, with tasks like bookkeeping and cost management requiring much of my attention. While tackling these challenges, I realized that I needed support. I hired another hardworking woman to assist with pre-production tasks such as building boxes, preparing labels, and managing production. 

The Empowerment of Being Woman-Owned

Being a female business owner and working with strong and like-minded women holds significant meaning for me. It represents empowerment, compassion, mindfulness, and relationship building. In a world where female entrepreneurs continue to break barriers and make their mark, I am proud to be a part of this movement. Veganmadness is a testament to the strength and determination of women in business, and I strive to inspire others through my own journey. 

One Final Note...

I'm so proud of the business I have built so far! When Veganmadness was founded, our mission was clear — to create plant-based desserts that could be enjoyed by vegans and non-vegans alike. I was adamant about not compromising on the standards remembered from my childhood. It was essential for me to deliver products that exceeded my expectations. Through meticulous attention to details, careful ingredient selection, and constant refinement of recipes, we ensure that our desserts are a delight to the palate. And, with a strong foundation, I envision a bright future for Veganmadness. 

In any business, I believe that being hands-on and focused is the key to success. Whether I am in the kitchen with my staff, communicating with prospects and customers, negotiating better ingredients or packaging prices, or working on branding and marketing, Veganmadness is constantly on my mind, and I'm dedicated to its growth and prosperity. Determination fuels my journey, and I wake up every day with a drive to succeed. The journey of Veganmadness has been a labor of love, driven by my passion for baking and my unwavering commitment to veganism. From humble beginnings to overcoming business challenges, I've learned valuable lessons. Veganmadness continues to thrive, spreading joy through compassion and delicious baked goods. I'm proud to be a female business owner, and I'm grateful for the support of my loved ones and the opportunity to connect. 

If, after reading, you're interested in giving my creations a try, please shop our website here! 



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Grace May 11 2024

The absolute best desserts! My all time favorite is the Swedish cake!

Jody Peeters July 22 2023

I absolutely love every thing that you bake! I live in Utah and have ordered from your website many times. I truly love everything! I am wondering if Harmons Grocery or Whole Foods in Utah will begin carrying your yummy deserts?!

Darlene July 19 2023

Oops .. correction on previous comment-
Sprouts , Mesa , AZ.

Darlene July 19 2023

I love these Vegan desserts , I am hoping they will be coming to our near by Spouts.